Canadian Compliance

The Canada CoatingsHUB ensures Canadian Compliance in four critical areas for member companies. The extensive data provided on the Canada CoatingsHUB helps support companies across their entire supply chain with valuable insight on regulatory data to effectively manage their chemicals in commerce. No one likes surprises like regulatory non-compliance and the penalties that come with it. The CoatingsHUB will help with doing the right thing in Canada!

Proactively Assess Risk

Regulatory compliance underpins your company's business success in Canada. The HUB helps companies bridge the gap between science and business success.

  • Comprehensive Regulatory Reports
  • Canadian Issue Backgrounders
  • Statistical and Market Data to Validate Draft Regulations

Support Compliance

Access current regulatory insights to fit your formulation and product needs. The HUB helps companies ensure formulations are compliant. If it's not current, it's not right.

  • Detailed Database of over 2,500 Chemicals
  • Industry Resources Supporting Compliance Deadlines
  • Advance Regulatory Compliance Notifications

Influence Decision Makers

Best practices, leading scientific data, and industry committees play a key role in influencing regulatory outcomes.

  • Support Advocacy with Industry Data
  • Access Advocacy Reports and Submissions
  • Participate in a 'Whole of Industry' Approach for Fair Regulation

Protect Brand Reputation

A company's brand reputation is critical for continued business success. A single incident of non-compliance could destroy that reputation. 

  • Compliance Calendar provides early warning of critical dates and deadlines
  • HUB resources provide updates on evolving regulations
  • Two Robust Substance databases allow tracking of all chemicals in commerce

How to Access the HUB

Get access to the Canada CoatingsHUB with CPCA membership. Members access the tools needed to navigate Canadian Compliance Requirements with ease.

Industry Issue Resources

Regulatory and advocacy reporting on 16 industry issues of concern.

CMP Substance Database

This Chemical Substance Database tracks over 1,800 chemicals in commerce regulated under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Biocides Substance Database

The Biocides Substance Database tracks over 1,800 active ingredients and product registrations regulated under Canada's Pest Control Products Act.


Never miss a deadline for a new regulation coming into force, a sell-through date under new regulations, or a Government mandated survey!

Issues Covered

The Canada CoatingsHUB actively tracks  in real-time  the regulatory developments of more than 20 key Canadian Acts of Parliament and thousands of regulations flowing from them impacting the CASE industry in Canada. If you're in the CASE Industry, we've got you covered!

Evidence-based Data
Can Help Tip the
Regulatory Scale

CPCA Members are Compliant
with Canadian Regulations

Members across Canada and the U.S. represent 80 percent of coatings sold in Canada. Our members range from SMEs to large national and multinational corporations. Supported by CPCA our member companies maintain market access, and comply with all Canadian regulations, while growing their business.

Reduce Your Risk of Non-compliance

The Canada Coatings HUB helps companies reduce the risk of non-compliance with comprehensive regulatory and compliance data for the CASE industry in four critical areas:

Members have immediate access to current and evolving regulatory requirements for chemicals used in CASE products sold in Canada.

Better Data = Better Outcomes

The Canada CoatingsHUB is the industry’s comprehensive digital regulatory platform for CASE companies operating in Canada. It ensures you have access to resources your company needs to plan for and ensure full compliance. The HUB monitors and tracks regulatory requirements for 2,947 substances used in thousands of products sold in the CASE industry. 

No other association does that for the CASE industry in Canada via a comprehensive digital database that is searchable on all platforms. Get what you need when you need it!

Ensure Regulatory Compliance in Canada