Increasing Challenges

Canada’s regulatory development process is growing and getting more complex.


Increased Data Requirements

Mandatory Industry Data Requirements in all Risk Assessments
Chemicals Management Plan

Increased Risk Management

Increased Risk Management for Existing Chemicals in Commerce

Increased VOC Regulations

Lower VOC Limits for Architectural, Automotive, & Industrial Coatings

Increased Use Restrictions

Use Restrictions and Bans of Biocides for Paint Preservatives

Increased Regulations

Increasing Regulations for Plastics and the 4,700+ PFAS Substances

The Canada CoatingsHUB provides access to the relevant resources outlining the current and potential impacts these challenges will present for the CASE industry and how CPCA is working toward better outcomes in all cases. Be part of the solution for better outcomes to sustain your business in the CASE industry in Canada!

As one of Canada’s most heavily regulated industries, there are dozens of federal Acts and regulations a company must fully analyze, respond to under strict regulatory deadlines, and eventually comply with to operate in Canada.  The burden is real and the risks for non-compliance are high. 

These will all present regulatory challenges in Canada, but none more than recent amendments to CEPA that seem to question the current risk-based approach to chemical assessment. The extent to which this will impact the CASE industry will only become clear in the months and several years ahead. Industry-government consultations have already begun.

Chemicals Management Framework

Regulations governing the Coatings, Adhesives, Sealant and Elastomer (CASE) industry have more than doubled over the past several years and very likely to increase further without serious engagement by industry.

Canadian Legislation & Regulations
Governing the CASE Industry

Federal CASE
Regulations in Canada