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The HUB is the only digital platform tracking the progress of Canadian regulatory developments impacting the CASE industry. The HUB provides tailored insights for the issues that matter most to your organization, more importantly, it offers clear actions to help your organization shape better regulatory outcomes. 

Better Data = Better Outcomes

The Canadian regulatory landscape is more complex than ever before. Rapidly evolving legislative and regulatory change means every Coatings, Adhesive, Sealant, and Elastomer (CASE) manufacturer, supplier, or distributor shipping to, or selling products in Canada must understand how new Government initiatives will impact their product lines if they become regulations. With comprehensive and current resources companies get the data they need to formally respond to new initiatives and comply with Canadian regulations to maintain market access. More importantly, the HUB provides a holistic approach to government relations by leveraging CPCA's deep regulatory knowledge and experience with a ‘Whole of Industry’ approach to proposed legislative changes and pending regulations. Companies can ensure better outcomes as the industry works together.


CASE Chemicals
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Companies engaged on issues that matter to industry are bridging the gap between science and regulatory success.


Companies know compliance starts in the lab. Gain regulatory insights needed to support your chemical engineers.


When industry leaders engage with government and other stakeholders, evidence-based data creates a level playing field for everyone.


Companies must protect their most valuable asset, their brand reputation because non-compliance is never an option.

Issues Covered

The Canada CoatingsHUB actively tracks in real-time the regulatory developments of more than 20 key Canadian Acts of Parliament and thousands of regulations flowing from them impacting the CASE industry in Canada.

Access Regulatory
Data and Formulate
with Confidence

Maintain Market
Access in Canada

The largest trading block in the world must have regulatory alignment to sustain $2 billion in daily trade across the Canada-U.S. border. Whether shipping to Canada or manufacturing in Canada, the HUB provides the CASE industry with what it needs for continued market access in Canada.

Chemicals Tracked

The Chemicals Management and Biocide Substance Databases track over 2,947 chemicals and active ingredients used in thousands of products sold in Canada. Companies need to know where their products stand in Canada to properly support a strong, vibrant CASE industry and grow their business. Whether you are manufacturing or supplying critical inputs for strong product lines, regulatory changes will always impact ‘your’ business in some way. Get real-time facts on where things stand now. Better still, help the industry advocate for better regulatory outcomes in Canada.

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What CASE Industry Leaders are Saying

  • Vincentz

    CPCA has something now that no other coatings association in the world can even begin to boast of as companies are extremely interested in regulatory information.

    Juergen Nowak
    Vincentz Network
  • MG Chemicals

    The non-stop avalanche of new regulatory requirements makes it hard to sort and prioritize compliance activities, and the CPCA HUB offers a convenient centralized place from which to track, understand, sort, organize, and plan. It is a great tool for fulfilling our regulatory obligations.

    Michel Hachey
    MG Chemicals
  • Farrow & Ball

    The HUB database looks very good and is useful for tracking any substances which we have a particular interest in.

    Paulus Reynolds
    Farrow & Ball
  • Cloverdale Paint

    The CPCA CoatingsHUB is full of great information. I appreciate all the hard work the CPCA does in having a single source for all the regulatory updates

    Paul Ly
    Cloverdale Paint

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